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Upcoming puppies

My thoughts on the C-Litter.


This will be the mating, I have looked forward to for several years.
I saw the male for the first time when he was about 13 months old and he is from December 2011.
He is of Portuguese origin and also has some Italian blood in them, have good health, with German 2-year spondylosis status 0, both Spanish and Italian cardiac status 0, and Spanish rated HD B.
In addition he has a German ZTP and and IPO-1 from Belgium.
He has a wealth of titles where he among others is International Beauty Champion and International Use Champion and Jahressieger in several countries.

I have been lucky enough to see him several times at various exhibitions.
And has from the start been hugely impressed by this intriguing male.
He has a wonderful mind and seems very uncomplicated and in good harmony.
And he is in my eyes very very very beautiful.
So the joy is great now that I can look forward to offspring after him and Chantall, of which we ourselves want to keep 1 to 2 puppies from the combination whichever comes.

His father is also exciting, and has also repeatedly been considered around the mating of our bitches, as also he has good health and intriguing genes that can add some new blood

Pictures of Casaro

Pictures of Chantall